I’ve heard some stories lately that have changed my perspective …


… ____________________________________________________________________________________.



Marina- Stop procrastinating.

Do what you say you are going to do and don’t let anything stop you.

Not even yourself.

Stay motivated,

Keep confidence within.

Persevere and work your ass off.

Don’t forget to reward yourself;

Stay in-tune with the important things in life.

Do not allow outside influences consume your soul.

Try to not sweat the small stuff-

The irrelevant.

People do not have your best interest at heart.

Only you do.

You won’t always be first,

But always put yourself first.

As it is only you who dictates your destiny

Your happiness

Your goals, aspirations


Stop. Do not cancel those plans just because it started to rain. Get your umbrella, use your resources wisely and stick to your plan-

Your goals.

The universe does not wait for the rainy days to Passover,

So neither should you.


I love you, Marina Georgia.

You are beautiful inside and out.

Maybe not today because you feel a little pale, but,

You got this.




(my) Mental illness is not something you can simply- push off to the side. This is a creature who thrives off of torment and anxiety. Amongst your cerebrum is where “it” stays and no matter how often it leaves, it always comes back. Inconsistency.